Homelessness and Poverty

Topics: Homelessness, Poverty, Prevention, Schizophrenia, Unemployment / Pages: 4 (796 words) / Published: Jul 27th, 2013
Homelessness and poverty is a growing problem not only in Nebraska but, in the United States as a whole. The world population is growing with more people starting families but, with the economy on the decline this becomes a problem. Many people have lost jobs and jobs have become very scarce. Many people have gone to the government for assistance. There are many things that can be done to prevent the problem from growing and even reduce the number of people that are homeless or living below the poverty line or at risk of either of these. I believe that there is more than one preventative strategy to use when trying to prevent poverty and homelessness in Nebraska. First, I think that the primary prevention strategy would work here. The reason I think that the primary prevention strategy would work here is because it is used to prevent dysfunctions and disorders from occurring. “An example of the primary prevention strategy might be a program to help the unemployed learn new skills and use support networks. Such a program might help prevent depression, alcoholism, and other psychological disorders.” If those people that are at risk for becoming homeless can have the resources available that will teach them certain skills maybe they will have a better chance at staying above the poverty line and not becoming homeless. It is necessary for those at risk for homelessness and those affected by poverty to learn new skills, in order to introduce them back into the world of working. These kinds of programs may even help those at risk of becoming homeless or poverty from becoming alcoholics, becoming depressed, and/ or abusing others, or even harming themselves. They will be taught how to deal with not only the stress of everyday life but, also the stress of how to provide for themselves and their families. They have to find shelter, food, and other things crucial to survival, things that so many others take for granted. I find it very understanding that those affected

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