Homelessness and Jennifer A.

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Running head: HOMELESSNESS

Introduction to Research and Information Utilization 110
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Feb 23, 2009

Thesis: Lack of affordable housing, domestic violence and substance abuse all contribute to the widespread of homelessness in big cities and all over the U.S.

Has anyone ever stopped to wonder why the population of homeless people is rising? Studies have shown different reasons to explain why this is a never ending problem. Not having much attention to help the issue of homelessness is one way this problem is increasing. Not having many homeless shelters that these homeless people can go to as well as different programs that can help to stabilize the situation is a contributing factor as well. Not many programs that can help an individual before living situations get to the point of homelessness are what the U.S. is lacking. Some reasons of homelessness is an abuse of substance or alcoholism one might be suffering from also there might be one trying to get out of an abusive relationship. Another reason some people go homeless is due to lack of affordable housing in big cities where the rent or mortgage is too much for a particular individual to afford. However, this is a widespread problem all over the U.S. The National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness (NSCAHH) stated that the number of people experiencing hunger and homelessness is rising, and communities are strained for resources to deal with these issues. Homelessness is a widespread problem that is not only in urban areas. Homelessness is increasing in small towns and rural areas too. The government funds for this issue are decreasing making it harder for charitable organizations and churches to feed and house the homeless. The NSCAHH also stated that even though the United States is the richest country in the world approximately 3.5 million people are homeless each year while 36.3 million live in a household without enough food including more then 13 million children. In the 1080’s there were about 2 dozen food banks nationwide; today more than 200 affiliated with America’s Second Harvest, the food bank network and several dozen additional independent food banks. It was also reported by the NSCAHH that this problem in a diverse of range of communities, from towns of 1000 people like Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, to suburbs like McKeesport, Pennsylvania, to major cities like Los Angeles, California. Homelessness is not anything new in our communities. There has been help given out by many businesses and the government as well but as the resources are decreased in these times of rising needs it has become overwhelming for communities to help those in need and leave many low income individuals with nowhere to turn except be homeless. Thousands of Americans are hungry and have no place to sleep. Many homeless people are parents and there children. Children in fact, make up of a quarter of the homeless population. A national Catholic weekly magazine stated that a number of studies have shown that the instability of homeless children’s lives can lead to poor health, developmental delays and greater risks for anxiety and depression. More disturbing is the fact that homeless shelters are being forced to turn away families due to not having enough room to feed or house them. In a number of cities such as Denver, Boston and Philadelphia the economy has led landlords to raise rents. Due to these increases parents that have low income jobs are unable to pay the rent and feed there children as well as them selves. This is why they end up going to a homeless shelter and sometimes turned away. People are becoming homeless because of not having enough money for a house and no place to go. The National Law Center reported that an estimated number of homeless on any given night ranges between 600,000 and 760,000 nationwide. Funding to help the homeless has not kept pace with the growing need. Homelessness is the condition of...

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