homelessness among U.S veterans

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A Detailed Analysis of Homelessness among United States Military Veterans University of Central Florida PAD 3003
In the United States, homelessness among veterans is a massive epidemic that the government is currently battling. Returning from military service to no home, is a situation no one should bare. The VA has vowed to end veteran homelessness by the year 2015. To combat this issue, the government instated the Open Doors program in 2009. As of 2013 there were roughly 57,486 veterans without a home. Since 2009, the fight against homelessness has produced a massive 24 percent decrease in veteran homelessness. The open door program focuses on relocating veterans who live on the streets, in abandoned buildings and cars. The U.S government has created a thriving program that has produced significant results, but must continue the path of success to meet the desired goal by 2015. This text will discuss the statistical analysis of U.S homeless veterans within a 5 year span, implementation of the open door program, and the current results as of today. A Detailed Analysis of Homelessness among United States Military Veterans As of 2012, approximately 8 percent of the U.S population were United States military Veterans. Voluntarily deciding to join the U.S military, is a commitment that does not guarantee one shall return to their loved ones alive. A job of this caliber demands significant courage, commitment and honor to one’s country; this being why only a trivial percent of the population join the service. For those who make this life altering commitment, one would expect to return to a respectful life style upon completion of one’s military service. Sadly, an overwhelming percent of U.S veterans are homeless. As of 2009, approximately 136,000 veterans were classified as homeless at least once within a 1 year time frame. Approximately 75,609 veterans were classified as homeless on any given night during 2009. The U.S government has...

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