Homeless People

Topics: Schizophrenia, Child abuse, Domestic violence Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: December 7, 2006
Homelessness is a worldwide problem; it is hard to find a city that does not have homeless people. The cause of homelessness are multiple and complex. For some people it is difficult to find a job because of language barrier or lack of education, usually state will require workers to have some education beyond high school, even for jobs at the entry level. Some do drugs, drink alcohol, kill other people, or rob; then eventually they end up in the prison, afterward, when they get out of the prison and if they have no relatives or family, it is hard to find a job and affordable housing. People who find themselves in domestic violence situations often need to flee quickly from their abusers.

However, many become so isolated that they have nowhere to turn after they escape the abuse. In addition, people with serious health problems like; mental illness or physical disability have to pay high health insurance and some go bankrupt, so ultimately they end up on the streets. Many people just have bad spending habits; they cannot spend their money cleverly. Besides, some people are homeless just because they do not want to work they know that government will provide shelters and food, so why bother working. In addition, fifty percent of all marriages now end in divorce, so one of the spouses has to move out of the house. It is not a secret that today it is hard to live alone if you have low-paying job, so some people have to live one street because they cannot afford to pay for the food, health insurance, car insurance, and house.
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