Homeless on Campus Summary

Topics: University, Poverty, Homelessness Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Summary of “Homeless on Campus”
In the article “Homeless on Campus” Eleanor J. Bader tells a story about homeless students living on campus. Also she shows how homeless students still have enough energy to go to college.
Aehsa is a twenty year old girl that attends college at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, New York. Aesha and her one year old son were forced to move out of their house because her husband started to be abusive. They were forced to leave on the streets and were moved from place to place. They faced horrible conditions along the way. They had to sleep on benches, places were very crowded, and they had to watch everything they had with them. They were finally placed in a group home in queens. Bader shows that Aesha is not the only homeless person to still attend college. The National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness often sees that most people do not try and go to college because they cannot afford it. According to a 2003 survey, the median wage to afford a two bedroom apartment cost $15.21, which is three times as much as the minimum. Colleges focus more on the wealthier students and they do not even try to help the poor people with getting an education. Life on campus for a homeless student is very hard. They have nowhere to do their work, shower, which may hurt them with their grades. A unknown faculty member named by B.R. actually went out of her way to allow some students to sleep in her office. There were some other faculty members that knew about B.R. letting people stay there but didn’t say anything since it was against college policy. Due to the fact that the student were allowed to stay there, they ended up getting an education and ended up being a social worker.
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