Homeless in the Rural Areas of the Philippiens

Topics: Poverty, Homelessness, Heifer International Pages: 4 (895 words) Published: May 31, 2015
Homeless in the Rural Areas of the Philippines
“The strength of a nation derives from integrity of a home. - Confucius” This quote emphasized that a home is significant for a nation. In a proper house or home values and moral starts and it is a basic foundation of the state. Therefore having a home will have an impact to a nation. In recent decades, Homeless is a major problem of states worldwide. (Shelter 2.0 2015) In a report, 100 million people are considered homeless.(Capdevilla 2005) Most homeless are found in developing countries but surprisingly developed countries have homeless too. Top 5 cities with an extremely high homeless are as follows: Mexico City; Moscow; Los Angeles; New York City; Manila, Philippines. (Castillo 2014) This shows that it is a serious problem that states must solve. We should therefore define what homeless and for that we could have a better understanding on this issue that needs to be solved by states. In this paper, Homelessness in the Rural Areas of the Philippines will be discussed. Specific problems and Solutions will be also discussed in order to lessen the Homeless in Rural Areas of the Philippines

According to Toepfer, Homelessness could be defined in several ways. In simple definition, Homeless are people who doesn’t have any accommodation at all.(Toepfer 2000) Some consider people who live in an accommodation that doesn’t reach a certain standard. (IBID) In the Philippines, there are lots of makeshift houses made with palm trees and wood scraps. This is a depressing fact but what causes a person to be homeless? Structural and Individual problems causes a person to be homeless. (SLUMDOGS 2014) Some structural problems are as follow: Lack of affordable housing; Changes in the industrial economy leading to unemployment; Inadequate income supports; Mental Illness. (IBID) Some other factors also include poverty, war, and natural disasters. In this case we should address some of these factors in order to reduce...
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