Homecoming Speech

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My school pride has always been something I've been proud of. Coming to Manchester as a CHICE student wasn't always easy. My only way to school was my dad and my only way home was my mom. I always had to get here extra early and I was usually the last one to leave. Being in this position became an advantage and I soon became part of many before and after school clubs and activities. I also played three sports that I have dedicated myself to since freshman year. To me school spirit is about enjoying and loving what you do and committing to a new family since the first day you stepped foot as a falcon.

Every time I put on a uniform I am labeled as a Falcon and it is my duty to act like one, respect my school and always work my hardest to make a difference. I am very proud to say that I have done so much to keep my falcon pride on top. Academically, I managed to take all honor classes since my freshman year and stay in the top 10 of my class, as well as having the privilege of being secretary of the Student Council and President of the National Honor Society.

I'm also very supportive of all activities and events that happen around school. I'm usually always behind a camera taking pictures and capturing memories. If you ever wondered who started the Manchester Falcons page on Facebook that now has about 850 likes or who tweets on the Manchester twitter page? Then you will finally get to know that that person happens to be standing before you. Being an involved and spirited student Manchester has been the best decision I've made in my life.

I have made so many memories here that I will never forget. Like sophomore year when my friends and I had a bet that I could only wear Manchester wardrobe for the whole week(which indeed I succeeded), or junior year when I got a basket full of Manchester items for my birthday and I almost started crying..or even when one of my best friends and I made a promise that we'd get married here at Manchester if we were both single by...
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