Homecoming of a Soldier

Topics: Family, Mother, Pregnancy Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The happiest day of my life is when my brother came back to the states from Afghanistan. On that day he called us it was a Friday morning before school started. He told me that he would come and see us next weekend so he can spend time with his wife. So the day goes on school gets out me and my sister Merissa goes home to do our chores so we can stay with our friend. When we get finished we walk to Amanda’s house and hang with her for a little bit. About four thirty we walk to our house to get some money so that we can go to the movies. As were walking we see a man dressed in a uniform and a dressed up woman creeping up to our door. I said oh my goodness Merissa is that Charlie and Sterling. So we started screaming with excitement ,and we ran, my brother gave us the quiet sign then we sneak in our house while our mom was cooking my brother tapped my mom on the shoulder she jumped with a fright and started crying when she saw my brother she gave him a hug and kiss. That day I and Merissa stayed home. The next day we all went out for lunch and to the movies. My mother was shocked to see her son home she said it felt like a dream. While they were down for two weeks they found out that his wife was pregnant my mother was shocked but at the same time happy because she was going to have her first grandchild. Then Sterling called her mother and told her that she was pregnant but she didn’t believe that she was because they said she was pregnant once before joking around so her mother went and bought her a pregnancy test the was digital so that she could believe them. I was so excited because I was going to be an aunt.Now my newphew is two years old and is going to be having a little brother by the end of May 2013.
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