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Topics: Ecology, Plant, Food chain Pages: 4 (833 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Unit 2 Test Study Guide – Environmental Science
1) __________________ lives in plant roots and can “fix” atmospheric nitrogen into chemical compounds that can be used by other organisms. 2) A community of organisms and their abiotic environment is known as a what? 3) A final and stable community in an ecosystem is known as the ____________________. 4) A local lake is experiencing algal bloom and many of the fish are dying. Explain why this may be occurring. 5) A sequence in which energy is transferred from one organism to the next as each organism eats another organism is known as a ________________________? 6) Amoeba and Paramecium are what type of Protist

7) As they flow down a mountain to flatter ground, rivers generally become what? 8) As you move from the equator toward the North Pole what biomes would you likely see? 9) Birds that migrate during winter, coniferous plants, and cold temperatures represent what biome? 10) Choose any organism and describe its adaptations. Explain how each adaptation might help it survive. 11) Darwin’s theory that organisms in a population differ slightly from each other in form, function and behavior and his proposal that the environment exerts a strong influence over which individuals survive to produce offspring is known as what? 12) Describe a producer.

13) Describe an estuary and the benefits of them.
14) Describe two environmental functions of wetlands.
15) Describe what a population is?
16) Draw a food chain and ecological pyramid for a forest biome. 17) Extreme temperatures, abundant precipitation, rich, deep soils, and a growing season of four to six months represent what biome? 18) Give an example of a biotic factor.

19) Give examples of abiotic factors.
20) Give examples of biotic factors.
21) Hot summers and cold winters, low to moderate rainfall, few trees, and rich, fertile soil represent what biome? 22) How do humans affect the carbon cycle?
23) If an insect eats a plant and a bird eats the insect,...
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