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The studies and research that are available to the public show that home schooling is not disadvantageous in comparison to normal schooling. Many people have argued against home schooling for various reasons', others see no negative outcomes that arise from it. Supporters of home schooling range from liberal proponents of educational reform to conservative families driven by religious convictions. The non supporters are those who believe that a traditional school structure provides children with greater opportunities for cognitive and affective development ("Social Behaviors"). Although home schooling doesn't seem to have any major benefits over public schooling, evidence shows that parents can help children achieve a level of education similar to other schools (Klugewiz 407).

Home schooling was made legal in the United States in 1993. Some states now have minimum qualifications for parents and provide supervision from the government (Latham 85). Today, all state compulsory-education laws explicitly make home schooling a valid option, or the state interprets compulsory school-attendence laws to include "attendance" at a "school" located at home (Latham 86).

One argument states that parents do not have the knowledge required by an educator to take responsibility of teaching; therefore, the children would be poorly educated in comparison to other students ("Social Behaviors"). However, parents are not alone. There are many facilities available to help them, and there is at least one state-level association in every state. Home schooling parents form groups in their community to help each other out. They take turns teaching small groups of children. For instance, where one parent might be good at teaching math, the other might be better at language (Farris). In addition to the help they get from each other, there are many tools and services available that enhance and enrich children's learning experience. For example, various on-line services are available...
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