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Tapang, Dana Jean A.

Sulit na Sulit, Bili Na!
TV Home Shopping Programs: An Act of Performing

(O Shopping Network, ABS-CBN)
As a child, I have watched home shopping networks on television. There was a time when I was really amazed with the frying pan that doesn’t need oil to be able to fry eggs or ham. I was even able to memorize the demonstrator’s lines there. I’ve also watched a chef manipulate a set of knives, showing how one knife can cut the pineapple into half so easily or slice tomatoes thinly.

Then when I was in my early teenage years, I’ve watched women on TV fretting about their scars or their uneven complexion and how this certain face or body cream makes everything so perfect and pretty. I was also stunned with something that looked like gym equipment that stretches your body and makes you taller. There was an ice cream maker, a grease and stain remover, a portable sewing machine, a portable ladder—almost everything you can think of is there.

Then there was this time, now in my college years that I was able to catch a late night home shopping program on television. I was stressed that time so I projected my stress towards many things. I started to criticize everything about that program.

What would I do with all those plastic containers? Isn’t that price range still high? Then came the comments of “Ugh, mga burgis.” Then I started to scrutinize the male host’s diction. I complained how he and his co-host are just repeating things and that they were wasting air time. Now that I’ve thought about it, my current emotional state at the moment was a major factor that made me notice those simple things about the program. My criticisms may have been informal and random, but I realized that those judgments are acceptable. They were acceptable in a way that a performance always involves an audience. However, in this paper, we may have to attempt to look at the subject in a more objective manner.

In communication, there are many concepts and theories that focus on how the audience takes a message that the communicator is trying to deliver. In a performance, the audience’s reaction or response is usually observed.

According to Merriam Webster, a performance could be:
1. an activity (such as singing a song or acting in a play) that a person or group does to entertain an audience 2. the way an actor performs a part in a play, movie, etc.
3. the act of doing a job, an activity, etc.
In its full definition, performance could be about a deed, an implementation, a public presentation, efficiency, behaviour, parole or competence. According to businessdictionary.com, a performance is “the accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed.” How is a TV home shopping program a performance?

Such is a performance as it involves a presentation; the hosts present different objects and at the same time, they present themselves. It also involves efficiency; their performance should be able to accomplish the given task, which is to sell.

The chosen subject for this study is ABS-CBN’s O Shopping. This project is just established last year. It is a collaboration with CJ O Shopping Corporation, one of the largest home shopping companies. According to Paolo Pineda, ABS-CBN Business Development Head, this show aims to contribute something new to the shopping lifestyle of the Filipinos. TV home shopping, however, is not entirely new to Filipinos. Pineda stated that Philippines is a market that is already familiar with this kind of shopping. The O Shopping Channel is already shown in some cable channels, in a 24/7 time frame. According to Eddie Bak, the president of CJ O, their programs offer a wide variety of products--from kitchen to beauty products with affordable prices.

Pineda said that Filipinos are already venturing into online shopping and business and such is similar to TV home shopping in a way that it introduces another...

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