Home School vs. Public Education

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Home school vs. Public Education

Did you know that home schooling is the fastest growing educational trend in the United Sates, Canada and worldwide? Did you know that the pupil/teacher ratio in 2011 is lower than the pupil/teacher ratio in 2000? Parents today do not take into consideration what their children want to do for their educational learning. I have never been home schooled, but when I have children, I want to home school them because of the bonding and it helps the children become more independent. Dr. Brian D. Ray is author, research speaker, and president of non-profit National Home Education Research Institute, surveyed more than 7,000 adults that have been home schooled and compared them to adults that have been public school educated. It showed that 88 percent of home schooled graduates are members of organizations, like community groups church functions, and professional organizations compared to 50 percent of the other adults. Many people from different situations home school from low income, high income, parents with PhD’s, GED’s, and even no high school diploma. Homeschool is wonderful for small classes and one-on-one learning, but public school has trained teachers to educate children in large groups.

The first difference I want to discuss is the student teacher ratio. Home school is usually small class sizes and one parent or teacher, whereas the public school is relatively large class sizes and one teacher. People think that home school parents have it easy because of the small class size, but they could not be more wrong. Home school children are different ages, so the parent has to transition between the different levels of education, whereas public school teachers have the children who are the same age and in the same level of education. I’m not saying the teachers have it easy, but it certainly makes a difference. I asked my cousin Michele, who is mother of 8 and a home school mom, if she would be interested in...
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