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Topics: Biology, Anatomy, Dissection Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: June 19, 2013
*How to Dissect a Lizard?


Dissecting is often used simply to examine the physical makeup of the subject, but it is also a method of determining the physiological effects of substances.Lizard are often used in classroom dissections because, like frogs, they are easy to manage and examine. It will introduce you to some basic anatomy of reptilian groups, give you a chance to dissect a specimen, and compare anatomy among the “reptiles”. Consolidate your knowledge of “reptile” diversity.


1. Lay the subject lizard in a dissecting tray. Use a ruler to get measurements. Take notes on the salamander's external attributes that are pertinent to your purposes. 2. Put on surgical gloves and stretch your lizard out. Use pins if necessary to secure the lizard for dissection.

3 .Make a small incision at the anus of the lizard with a scalpel from a dissecting kit. Insert scissors into the opening and cut the skin down the middle of the lizard until you reach the jaw. Point the scissors upward while doing this to avoid severing interior organs. 4 .Cut from the shoulder joints down the arms and legs of the lizard and then peel away the skin. Take any pertinent notes once the skin is removed and the muscle layer is revealed. 5. Repeat the process in steps 3 and 4 to remove the muscle layer from the lizard and reveal the internal organs. You have to cut through the sternum and chest plate when removing the muscle layer. 6.Examine the internal organs and use the ruler to take measurements. Use the notebook and pencil to catalog the necessary details and observations.

>Tips & Warnings:
* Be careful when using the cutting tools for dissection, as they are very sharp and can lead to serious injury if mishandled. * Please note: If it becomes necessary to interrupt the dissection process of the specimen, the animal should be carefully returned to the preserving solution or wrapped in a damp paper towel and placed in a plastic...
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