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Topics: Positive psychology, Death, Family Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: April 2, 2013

Shinano at the foot the mountain


The aged mother- the main character of the story, who has the wisdom that brings to save and benefited their land

The young farmer- the son of the aged mother

The daimio-the despotic ruler of Shinano but later on he learned to give importance the old folks.


Man vs. Man- the only antagonist in the story was the daimio who proclaimed a law to immediately kill all the aged people.


The story of the aged mother is a folktale from Japan. It tells about how great the love of a mother for her child. It was shown on their situation when the daimio proclaimed a law ordering that all the aged people should be put to death. The order filled the heart of the poor farmer a great sorrow for he loves his mother that much. Instead of putting her mother to death in the hand of the cruel law he decided to give his mother a kind mode of death. He took his mother to the bare summit of Obatsuyama- the mountain of the “Abandoning of the Aged” and planned to abandon there. On their way to the said mountain the heart of the loving mother grew anxious for she knew that her son will on danger on his way back because he was not familiar to the many mountain paths. What the mother did she snapped the twigs of the bushes they passed and drop it silently on the path to serves as a guide on the way back of her poor child. “Let not thine eyes be blind, my son.” “The mountain road is full of danger. Look carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide thee to the familiar way farther down”.- These lines shows the unconditional love that the mother has for her son, an unselfish love that smote the heart of the poor child and made him cried and decided to take his mother with him backed to their humble hut in the valley. He hid his mother on a walled closet for food beneath the kitchen. Time passed and...
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