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Topics: English-language films, Building, Family Pages: 2 (253 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Home Reading Report no.3Name:
Roxanne V. Canlas
Title of the selection:
A Home For The New Year
Author of theselection:
D. Paulo Dizon
Classification of the story:
Short Story
English III-New Edition
Author of the reference:
When Mang Estong building their new house two days before newyear. Place:
In the vacant lot where they building their new house.
Mang Estong-
the father.
the son of Mang Estong.
daugther of Mang Estong.
The driver-
a man with pockmarks on his face who humiliated MangEstong.
When Mang Estong was humiliated by the driver of the owner of the house they occupied. The man was talking to him in bullying, high-flownterms. Summary
: This is the story of Mang Estong and his family who washumiliated by the driver of the owner of the land that their house occupied. That is the reason why Mang Estong utter bad words against that manbecause he could not believe at first it could happened: that one man coulddrive anotner from a shelter. At noon time when Mang Estong was fairlyexhausted, after eating lunch he spread tarpaulin and slept on the ground.Melkor tasked by his mother to continue to work for the roof. While working,he felt the burning of his scalp and skin but, he could stand it. Several timeshe hit his finger by hammer then, he knows what his father felt. When hisfather stood up and he already finish the
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