"Home is where the Heart is"

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“Home is where the heart is"
One Flesh, by Elizabeth Jennings and The Lake Isle of Innisfree, by W.B Yates, both discuss desire in their poems. In One Flesh, the narrator of the poem speaks of the lack of desire her parents have in her life, due them growing and slowly drifting apart, whereas, the Lake Isle of Innisfree deals with the desire to be someplace else, a longing for a more simple way of life, away from a hectic civilisation.
In One Flesh, Elizabeth Jennings discuss’ the feelings of separation; longing for two people to be how they once were, “lying apart now, each in a separate bed.” The narrator of the poem implies, when using the word, “now,” how she was once used to her parents lying together, sharing their love. The term is in the present tense, meaning that she believes her mother’s and father’s relationship will not progress in the future. The distance of her parents is abnormal to the child, which is emphasised by the comma. The comma separates the sentence which slows the pace down, which mirrors the man and woman’s relationship; they are disconnected and becoming increasingly distant as time passes. This is similar to Yates’ Lake Isle of Innisfree, as he also portrays a sense of separation; a dream to be elsewhere, “while I stand on the roadway... I hear it in the deep hearts core.” Yates presents an impression division of his reality and his dream; his dream contrasts with his reality, which emphasises how his dream drives him away from reality, as his dream to escape to Innisfree is his daily survival of the city. The metaphor, “I hear it in the deep hearts core,” gives the reader a powerful message to where his home truly is. The assonance of the “ae” and “ee” sounds, reveals a tone of longing. The image is also alive to him; the vividness of the dream shows that through his life, how much this place has affected him, the importance of Innisfree is always growing.
Jennings and Yates both illustrate the significant areas of their lives:

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