Home Improvement and Huge Renovation Project

Topics: Home improvement, Renovation, Rooms Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Renovate or buy a new home
By Debra Palmer
ENG121: English Composition I
Prof. Heather Nielson
July 23, 2012

The decision to renovate our current home or start fresh with a move in ready house is among us. With a growing family, our current home is feeling smaller by the day. My family needs more space and more storage to make our everyday lives easier. It has really come down to what is the best fit for our family, a new home or renovating our current home. Both options have several pros and cons. By exploring our options it may help us visualize the best solution for our family and our budget. Our chief complaint with our current home is space. There is just not enough space in our current home. We have a small kitchen, tiny laundry room, almost microscopic dining room, and the list goes on. We’ve talked to a friend who is a general contractor, and he seems to think we can expand the backside of our home significantly within a manageable budget. Expanding would generate the space needed to enhance the smaller areas that need attention. On the other hand, there are several homes in and around our neighborhood that offer a bigger living area with a larger budget. Our home has a two car garage and an attic, yet we still don’t have adequate storage space, renovating our home could remediate this problem. A renovation would allow us to build storage where it is appropriate. A brand new home could be a good fit if the floor plan were laid out in a way that would allow the storage we need where we need it. As a family with growing children, we have clothes stored for the next season and size and buy items in bulk. We need more closet space, more pantry storage, and extra cabinets just to name a few. We have viewed a few homes in our area that meet all of our requirements, but do the benefits outweigh the extra cost? The cost of renovation and purchasing a home is high. The monetary cost is one thing, but there are other “costs” to consider. All of...
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