Home Health Services Plan

Topics: Gerontology, Health care, Old age Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Home Health Services Plan
The number of elderly people living alone or with another aged partner has been increasing significantly over the years. At the same time the money they retire with has been less powerful in terms of giving them the upper-middle class living they are used to. The tightening budget will have an impact on their health care needs. As a result many elderly will not be able to buy expensive all-inclusive healthcare benefits. Instead, they will be looking at a piecemeal approach buying healthcare products and services from different providers. This will cause changes to the end-to-end healthcare service provider market as we know it. As a result there will be an opportunity for niche players to cater to this growing segment. Objective

To create a home healthcare service company that meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of senior citizens while making a sound investment for shareholders and contributing to the positive development of a caring society. Plan

1.Begin with the service in a neighborhood with higher ratio of senior citizens 2.Offer differentiate services: Silver, Gold, and platinum
a.Silver: Basic services
b.Gold: Basic services + Limited Value Added Services
c.Platinum: Basic services + Full range of Value Added Services 3.Marketing Strategy: Minimum spend on marketing. Mostly through word of mouth and social media marketing 4.Revenue Goals:
a.First year:
i.Targeted customers: 1000
ii.Average billing/customer: $300
iii.Targeted Revenue: $300000
iv.Startup Costs: $300000
v.Operational Costs: $200000
vi.Year 1 Profit Forecast: -$200000
b.Second Year
i.Targeted customers: 2500
ii.Average billing/customer: $350
iii.Targeted Revenue: $ 875000
iv.Startup Costs: None
v.Operational Costs: $600000
vi.Year 1 Profit Forecast: $275000
c.Third Year
i.Targeted customers: 5000
ii.Average billing/customer: $350
iii.Targeted Revenue: $ 1750000
iv.Startup Costs: None
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