Home Depot Implements

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Home Depot Implements
Stakeholder Orientation*

Table of Contents

Facts and Numbers5
Improvements and moving toward excellence6
Questions and answers7


No one can deny that retailing industry has a lot of competitors, which make the market difficult to survive, unless the companies follow smart and dynamic strategies to fit the market. Home Depot was the biggest home improvement retailer which was set up in the late 1970s, to provide low price of home-improvement and construction products and services. It operates in different places in the world and follows excellent social responsibility activities in different areas. Home Depot applied new technology initiatives to satisfy the customer needs and improve its operation process.

In this paper, we have tried to give a short brief on Home Depot history, challenges, achievements, social responsibilities participations and other related issues. We have divided the paper into six major parts, which are: * Introduction

* Facts and numbers
* Improvements
* Challenges
* Questions and answers on the below issues:
* Company strategy and performance with environmental and employee stakeholders * Home Depot charity
* Home Depot recessionary strategy
* Conclusion

The Home Depot was found in 1979, in Atlanta and become the largest home-improvement retailer in the world with $66 billion in revenues and more than 22 million customers. Home Depot believes in diversity and environmental care. Customer satisfaction is their concern too, by providing special services to the customers based on their needs. For example, Home Depot offer the installation services but also give the customer the right to do it by themselves and guide them to do so. Home Depot mission is to "empower the customers to achieve the home or condo of their dreams". It achieved the excellence by applying different strategies to recover the fall down in the different stages [challenges section below]. Home Depot focuses in the social responsibilities in different areas, such as the environment because it believes that the customer fell more confident about companies who care about the environment [Social responsibility points under the facts and numbers sections]. It introduces different initiatives and was the first retailer to join a drive-through recycling center with one of its store. Also, it introduces the in store recycling program for CFL bulbs, which help customer to return the bulbs back to the store protecting the environment. Home Depot strongly believes in providing the employees with all training needs and career developments for both male and female equally. Technology always helps the industry to move very fast if it's applied in the right way. For Home Depot applied a lot of new technology initiatives to improve customer services and become more professional [improvement section below].

Facts and Numbers
* More than 40,000 different products.
* Offer 250,000 special order products.
* Employs more than 300,000 people and operates over 2,200 stores in the world. * Home Depot ranked number 12 in 2005 Reputation Quotient Survey. * Home Depot ranked number 6 in 2008 on Fortune's Most Admired Companies. * Lowe's is the critical competitor to Home Depot.

* Social responsibility activities:
* Program for children to teach them carpentry skills. * Kids workshops in all stores for free.
* Women workshops.
* Use recycled content in advertisements, signs and shopping bags. * Introduce the "reverse distribution" program.
* Provide the effort on reasonable housing and disaster relief. * Repair home for low-income families.
* 16% reduce in energy between...

References: Fraedrich,J., & Ferrell,L., & Ferrell,O. (1976). Ethical decision making in business a managerial approach. Canada: Nelson Education, Ltd.
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