Home Day Care vs Center Based Care

Topics: Day care, Child, Care of residents Pages: 4 (1429 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Debbie Gross
Melissa Nieding
ENG 121-049
16 March 2011
Home Day Care verses Center Based Day Care
Choosing between center-based day care and home-based day care can be a very harrowing experience for a parent. The following evaluation may be helpful in choosing the best fit for your day care needs. Although many parents may choose center-based care, as a parent I prefer home day care in favor of its scheduling, environment, pricing, and amenities. Home-based day care takes place in a day care provider's home, which results in a more personal homier feel. It offers your child the opportunity to be with a group of children of a variety of ages where older children can be a role model for the younger ones. There are fewer children enrolled with people in and out of the day care on a daily basis resulting in less chance of illness, disease, and injury. Low ratios allow more bonding time amongst the provider and children as well as child-to-child. Care is constant and dependable with one provider throughout your child's day care years. Day care homes tend to be less institutionalized and regimented allowing for more personal flexible care tailored to your child's needs. Home-based day care offers a variety of age appropriate toys and activities for the children to do and play with daily. There will be a daily schedule more flexible and adaptable to each child's individual needs. A day care home may or may not transport children depending upon the agreement between provider and parent. Center-based care takes place outside the home in a center that tends to be institutionalized with children grouped according to age. Due to high numbers of children enrolled, there is absolutely no room for flexibility or personalized care. There is a set structure and agenda that is followed the same manner on a daily basis. There are scheduled times for meals, diaper changes, playtime, bathroom breaks, story time, art, nap time, reading and music. Your child does...
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