Topics: Human, Sun, Species Pages: 4 (929 words) Published: March 22, 2015
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The Earth is the engine of our existence , offering us the necessary resources to live, breath , eat and enjoy every day of our lives . But how were all these resources created , what is the impact of men on the natural environment and how can the humankind change the way it treats now all the gifts that the Earth is offering to it unconditionally? These are some of the questions that the HOME documentary answers in a manner that is quite unique and transformational . The beginning of the documentary is a bit unusual ,the narrator’s voice addresses directly to the watchers in an imperative manner: “Listen to me, please! You are like me, a Homo Sapiens , a wise human.”. This fact ,captures instantly the attention and makes one curious to plunge into the story. The first part gives a snapshot of how our planet was created 4 billion years ago , at the perfect distance away from the sun , that generated the apparition of water, rivers ,oceans and implicitly of the first micro-organisms , bacteria which were the ancestors of today’s plant species . The surface of the planet was meticulously shaped by waters and matter, minerals and metals that provide the Earth’s beautiful colors . HOME describes the astonishing cycle of water in nature, the evolution of species and the inseparability between water and air. Elements like algae, corals and trees are essential for the balance of the planet. More than 70% of the oxygen that we breathe comes from the algae that lay on the surface of the oceans , the corals ensure the biodiversity of oceans and the trees are able to store the energy of the sun which is then decomposed in water, minerals and living matter which leads to soil formation. We, as human beings benefit from 4 billion years legacy and our influence on Earth is remarkable,but not really in a good way. Since the Homo sapiens appeared, territories have been conquered, animals were used to reduce distances and the first revolution-agriculture took place...
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