"Holocaust Survivor

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, Hungary Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Sarah Jane Arma Odal
First essay: Maus
Date: February 23, 2013

“Holocaust survivor”

Art Spiegelman’s famous book Maus tells a story about the Holocaust that happened during the Second World War that killed many people, mostly Jews, and the relationship of the author with his father. Aside from that, a big part of his book is about how the author’s father, Vladek, miraculously survived the Holocaust. As the story goes on, we will see how Vladek uses resourcefulness, his will and determination as well as being able to make friends.

To start off with, throughout the whole book Vladek uses his resourcefulness which is one of the main reason he survived the terrible Holocaust. Vladek always tries to find things that he can use to trade or help him to get food, clothes and also to try to help Anja and a few of his friends. As an example when he received a box of package, he had chocolate, cigarettes and jam; Vladek was smart enough to trade his cigarettes for food since he didn’t smoke at all (p. 54, vol.1). Vladek knows that he needs more food to actually last longer and he also knows how it feels to be hungry. Another good example is he used his skill as a shoe maker even though he was not a real one he is able to pull it off. He got a benefit for it “Next day I had the boot ready for this Gestapo. He left the boot went without one word. And he came back with a whole sausage” (p. 61, vol. 2). Since he only gets a small amount of food every day and sometimes none, a whole sausage for himself was enough to fill his stomach. The part of the book when he used his small thin blanket that he keeps with him to help him rest and breathe a little (p.85, vol. 2). Vladek knows that the train he is in is fully crowded and that it is hard to breathe, so he takes the advantage of his blanket and it gives him a chance to be able to sit. As a brief summary of this argument, Vladek resourcefulness helped him to get food, get a better place to stay and to also scape....
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