Holocaust Man's Inhumanity To Man

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Antisemitism / Pages: 4 (764 words) / Published: Sep 21st, 2016
Jared Sharp
Professor Biedl
English 101
18 September 2016
The Holocaust: Man’s Inhumanity to Man Since the beginning of time, nothing has created more agony and languishing over man than man himself. Through savagery, war, and loathe violations, the trepidation of the obscure and diverse has demonstrated how insensitive man can be to one and other. The Holocaust was a dull period in humankind's history. It indicated society how coldhearted man can be as Hitler drove 11 million pure individuals to their deaths in ghettos, concentration camps, and gas chambers. Through the anguish of the Jewish individuals on account of the German Nazis, there is no better depiction of man's inhumanity to man. Life in the ghettos was horrendous. Crowding
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The concentration camps were mentally coldhearted on the prisoners; particularly during the initial few days on the grounds that most prisoners had the majority of their family taken away and killed. The camps destroyed families as the prisoners had to watch their loved ones be slaughtered. When the Jewish prisoners arrived at the concentration camps, men and women were isolated, children staying with their moms. After enrollment, prisoners had to get undressed and have their hair shaved before showering. Their personal clothes were taken away, and replaced by striped uniforms. “Anna, aged 11, from Poland, describes the effect of having her hair cut: “I look around and I see young girls with scissors and clippers cutting hair off clean to the scalp... when the cold scissors touch my scalp and my hair slowly falls down, I can’t help it, my tears fall down, mixed with my black curls” (“Processing and Routines”). This procedure was intended to dehumanize the prisoners by taking away their dignity and personal traits. After an early wake-up, concentration camp schedules would start with the Appell, the everyday roll-call. During the Appell, the prisoners had to remain in columns, totally still, for a considerable length of time at once, and in all climates. After waking and before roll call, up to 2,000 detainees at once would have to share toilets. The toilet would be a solid or wooden board with 100 gaps for seats. No security and no genuine sanitation was given. Detainees would have to bathe in filthy water, without cleanser and without fresh clothes for a considerable length of time or months on end. After eating a small portion of watery soup, a bit of bread and distasteful coffee, the Jewish prisoners would then spend the rest of the day performing work

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