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By wendy_reynaga Oct 10, 2013 720 Words
1. How is the Jewish holocaust different or similar to other atrocities you’ve studied or research? The Jewish holocaust and Rwanda Genocide are different because in the holocaust · The Germans killed the Jewish

· Jews were killed because the Germans thought they were the superior race and that Jews were a threat to the German community · The massive holocaust started in 1933
· About 600,000 Jews were killed
· Jews were killed in concentration camps like starving them , and putting them to work to death · They were killed everywhere like in Germany, Poland, Austria

Other hand the Rwanda Genocide
· Tutsis were killed by Hutu militia
· Tutsis were killed because they were in charge of everything and not being nice about it · They were killed in 1994
· Like 800,000 Tutsis were killed
· Tutsis were killed by Hutu militia using clubs and machetes · Tutsis were killed in Rwanda
2.Which do you felll is wrose the death of the body or the death of the soul ?why The death of the soul because u live with out hope and sadness and like if your not living because u dont have no illuison and your alive suffering more unhappy because u fell everything inside of yourou soul and when your death of the boday ur dead with out a response in your body ,your dead in every felling ,you cant fell notthing .

3. Does this book leave you with a positive /negative view of human nature? Why? This book leaves me with a negative view of human nature because how can humans have the guts to kill innocent people that haven’t cause no harm and also to the poor babies that they haven’t even lived there life .How can somebody dare to do that by not felling no guilt. Do they even have a heart or what?

4.More hate in our society ?More accepting ?Why?
More accepting in our society becasue everyone in this world is a whole ,thats why we should accepting everything because one big mistake techinally affects everyone in soem way because what we are expercing now is more hate in our society because we all know hate never brings notthing good it always hit back bad!

Proposal to improve tolerance

Main concern is racism

First of all if you want to stop racism you got to think: Why am I racist? Why do I want to quit? If you can answer these questions, you can stop racism. We have seen racism since forever, Racism just brings disagreements nothing good to our society.We should all understand by now we arent different .We are all the same maybe in our skin color ,we may be different but i believe there's no superior race . We don't want to end up like Hitler because it doesn't bring nothing good it just becomes a bigger problem.We aren't too late to stop this term called racism. Some ways we can help is be with more people from different races ,get to know them ,interact with them ,share customs and maybe try their foods. Like that we can explore other cultures and see that we are the same but we have different tradtions. We can also object to racist jokes and insults In school because today it is very commom. People may think is a joke but for other people its not .The result of just a JOKE can involve a big disagrement or maybe a fight. Stopping racist jokes can save a disagreement. I just think racism is a big concern today and it needs to stop.

Some Toching quotes
"Sometimes I really don't understand why some people have to see everyone differently, and wrong for what they are. Acceptance is not all that hard." Natasha E, Victoria, BC

"It is up to my generation to try and stop the racists so massacres like (the Holocaust) cannot ever happen again. You can count on me to do all that I can to try and prevent any recurrence of such madness." Mark A, Victoria, BC

"We must stop racism in our school to prevent this tragic part of world history (the Holocaust) from repeating itself. We can make a difference; we have to make a difference! is up to all of us working as a community to make sure such horrible events never happen again." Alanna Br, Victoria, BC, Canada

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