Holocaust Essay

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Propaganda, the relocation of people to the Ghettos, the creation of laws to strip people of their rights, and the use of technology to increase the efficiency of the machinery of genocide. Genocide is a term created after World War II to describe the systematic murder of an entire, political, cultural, or religious group. These are just some of the numerous systems that Adolf Hitler used to implement the Holocaust. Because of Hitler, nearly six million Jews were exterminated. Hitler's idea of a "perfect world" was a world full of people, but only people with blonde hair and blue eyes, although he himself had dark hair and brown eyes. So basically, he is a hypocrite in my opinion.

One of the systems of persecution that was used to implement the Holocaust was the use of gas chambers and gas vans. The Nazis would capture innocent Jews, Gypsies, whatever...and stick them in gas chambers at the concentration camps, often telling them that the stalls were for showering. With the gas vans, the Nazis would tell their prisoners that they were taking them to the showers. If that did not get them in the van, the Nazis would just beat them with guns and whips and anything else to get them to enter. It was so packed, that when they opened the van doors to place them in the gigantic grave, the naked, dead bodies would instantly fall to the ground. They were packed like sardines. At the grave, they would have some of the fellow prisoners take the bodies and throw them into the grave. It was devastating for them to do that because they would often see some of their friends lying lifeless and beaten on the ground. I would hate to be in that position.

Another system of persecution that the Nazis used to implement the Holocaust was working. They would work their prisoners basically to death. Prisoners would get little to no food at all, therefore making it physically impossible to function well. Some would come down with terrible, terrible sicknesses....
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