Holocaust 8

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Schutzstaffel Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The Holocaust, what is the true depth of the word? As sad as it may seem, it affected the lives of millions because of
the hate inside of one certain group of people, the Nazi's. Dehumanization is to deprive human qualities such as
individuality or compassion. Victims of the Holocaust went
through dehumanization simply to make the killing of others psychologically easy for the Nazi's.
Many victims of the Holocaust suffered from various
experiments which eventually led to the death. Some of the
experiments were things such as: sun lamp, internal
irrigation, hot bath, warming by body heat,
freezing/hypothermia etc. The internal irrigation system is when, "the frozen victims would have water heated to a near blistering temperature forcefully irrigated into the
stomach, bladder, and intestines." (Medical Experiments of
the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine) Why would anybody perform
such horrible things on another human being? That is a
question that many people still can't answer. It is much
more complex than it may seem. The Nazi's wanted to make the victims do so many degrading things that they would appear
to be subhuman. Killing somebody less than human was more
justifiable to the Nazi's. One experiment that was conducted on a pair of Russians describes the torture that many
victims went through. The experiment of the twins is
graphically described, "the next part of the examination
consisted of tubes being forced through their noses and into their lungs. They were then ventilated with a gas which
caused them to cough so severely that they had to be
restrained. The sputum from the lungs was collected for
examination." (Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine) These sort of things went on throughout the camps and the victims were just being used as lab rats.
The living conditions within camps played a major role
in the deterioration of the victims. On September 1, 1939,
when Germany invaded...
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