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March 1, 2013 Holocaust 111
There are 5 stages of the Nazi Holocaust. The first stage is the Nazi killing camp and the deportations. In Ruth experience she was deported from Lodz in August 1944. She had the worst experience when she got separated from her brother. The ride to the concentration camp was not the best one. They were in a truck full of victims, it was hot, no space to breath, and no bathroom. She was sent to Auschwitz afterwards. In Werner’s testimony he was deported to many camps. First Werner was deported to Terezin in May of 1943. There he was forced labor work. Later on he was sent to Auschwitz 1 in December 1944, where he was starved and tortured by the guards. A month later, Werner was on a death march from Auschwitz 1 to Mauthausen. They march in the freezing cold. Werner got frostbite on his toes. The second stage is response by individuals, institutions, rescue, rebellion, and nation/resistance. In the train ride when Ruth was taken to the hospital to get her hand looked at she was racial discriminated because they knew she came from a concentration camp. When Ruth was in the camp, they only way she kept hope was by writing her poems and hoping to see her family back together. On other hand, Werner father had a great job as engineer in a big company. But, because he was Jewish he lost his job. The family immigrated to Zagreb Croatia (Yugoslavia) Werner was arrested by the Gestapo and taken to jail. The third stage is liberation. Everyone being poisoned has hoped to be free. But, during the holocaust it was you do that they want or death. Gladly some victims of the holocaust survived. Ruth Minksy Sender was liberated by the Russians in the Grafenort camp. In Werner liberation was in May of 1945. He was liberated by American soldiers in Mauthausen. The fourth stage is judgment, justice and Survivors. The Holocaust did brutal things to people...
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