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The Holocaust: Germany’s Way of Expressing Hatred
From the time period of 1933 to 1945, races were put through times of despair, torture, and misery. The holocaust was difficult to many, with little survivors and still affects people’s daily lives today. All of the agony was caused because of one man’s belief, that had the ability to influence an entire country. The holocaust was a genocide that was solely based off of hatred found in Germany.

Propaganda played a role in brainwashing citizens of Germany into believing that the acts Hitler and the Nazis were engaging in were acceptable. My great Grandmother was in fact, a German citizen at the time of the holocaust and to this day believes that the Jewish people, homosexuals, and gypsies got everything that they deserved during the holocaust. Propaganda has my great Grandmother believing that these people are greedy, rude, and overall should be hated by everyone. She was unfortunately a supporter of the holocaust because of her hatred for Jewish people due to the propaganda she saw during this period in time. A man named Joseph Goebbels was in charge of propaganda at the time and helped Hitler rise to the top of Germany and brainwashed the people of Germany into hating the Jews and supporting the holocaust. Hitler’s goal from the very beginning was to defeat the Jewish race and be Germany’s ultimate leader.1 Goebbels’ ultimate goal was to “nazify” Germany and he had a big role in achieving not only his own goal, but Hitler’s as well. He directed multiple campaigns against the Jewish people in Germany. Every book that was pulished had to be approved by Goebbels before they were seen by anyone and the content included large numbers of Nazi propaganda. School books were also re-written so that it would contain more Nazi content. Newspapers included daily instructions from Goebbels and also included anti-Jewish stories to support anti-semitism and attacks on the Jewish race. He also organized rallies that would...

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