Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Elie Wiesel Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: February 26, 2002
During the Second World War, and unspeakable injustice occurred. Six million Jewish people were slaughtered solely based on their religion. Men, women, and children were plucked from their homes and taken under control of the Nazi's. Their valuables were stolen. They were put to work in concentration camps where they were starved, beaten and tortured. Their identities were stolen, their names taken away, and identification tattoos were engraved in their bodies. Scientific experiments were preformed on these people with no anesthesia. Men and women alike were dragged to death pits where they were shot in the back of the head at point blank range, falling into mass graves while other were gassed in large chambers and tossed into the crematories. Could you even begin to fathom a bias so despicable? Although the holocaust was a time of sickening wrong doings, it helped to shape the identities of the following generations. It is important to learn about the Holocaust and the effect that it has had on individuals and society as a whole for this helped to shape who we all are today. By using the Holocaust, we learn the importance of group conformity and how it is important to be able to find a balance between this and your individual identity. We learn that, "Memories, even painful memories, are all we have. In fact, they are the only thing we are. So we must take very good care of them." (Wiesel) Through texts, such as "Night" by Elie Wiesel, films, such as "Europa, Europa" directed by Agnieszka Holland and testimonies from Holocaust survivors such as Jack Trumpeter, we learn about the various struggles that people have had with identity.

The main character within the book "Night" was Elie Wiesel himself. Throughout the book Elie struggles with many identity problems. The events of his childhood shaped who he is today. While in the camps Wiesel witnesses hangings, beatings, starvation, and torture. He witnesses his family, friends, and fellow Jews degraded and...

Cited: Page: Audiogallery.com Holocaust Survivors: Audio Gallery - "Simply Because We Were Jews" Holland, Agnieszka. "Europa, Europa" Trumpeter, Jack. Testimonial Wiesel, Elie. "Night"
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