Hollywood's influence on global culture

Topics: Film, United States, Culture Pages: 3 (703 words) Published: October 27, 2014
1.In what ways do Hollywood movies affect national culture outside of the United States? First, Hollywood is a famous and great brand all round the world and it is true that it has a lot of good movies which left praise word. Thus, it has a lot of fans. Second, Hollywood is good at creation and do well and firstly using new technology. It can attack a lot of audience. What aspects of U.S. Culture do Hollywood films promote around the world? I think two aspects are obvious. One is the language. More and more people around the world learn the English from watching Hollywood movies, not only the word, but the intonation. And the other is American Sprite. We can see many characteristics from the movies, like freedom and strong. Can you observe positive effects of Hollywood movies on the world cultures? At first, American culture is an very important part of the world cultures and Hollywood movies is a stand of American culture. Then, Hollywood movies also involve many other country’s cultures. Though some of cultures in the movies are distorted, they still introduce some cultures to other countries. Last, sometimes Hollywood movies describe the future of the world and it can bring the development of technology. 2.In what ways have movies influenced managerial task, company activities, and other ways of doing business around the world? It is easy to be a fashion which appears on the movies. For example, the style of taking tasks can influence the officers. Many things will be pop and the company which is similar with it can develop the industry about the pop things. Even the new job the actors doing can bring the fashion and many people will do it. Can watching foreign films be an effective way of learning how to do business abroad? Justify your answer. I don’t think it will be an effective way. Movies must be exaggerated and some stories can not take place in the reality or it can bring the negative influence. And foreign firms focus more on...
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