Holistic Nursing Approach

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Holistic Nursing Approach
November 21, 2010

Holistic nursing application is the focusing on all the aspects of the patient, and their extended families, rather than the piece meal approach. Healthcare or nursing is multifaceted and multidiscipline, and with practicing nursing holistically and culturally, we have to integrate a variety of modalities such as self reflection, self care, and self responsibility in all patient’s lives. This enables the nurse a greater awareness of the interconnectedness with self, others, nature, and spirit. This awareness may further enhance the nurses understanding of all individuals and their relationships to the human and global community, and permits nurses to use this awareness to facilitate the healing process. According to the American Holistic Nurses Association, “Holistic nursing is not necessarily something that you do: it is an attitude, a philosophy, and a way of being” Mercedes

The matriarch of the Garcia family is Mercedes Garcia, she 70 years old. She as one child, Geraldo and is currently unemployed, and a native of Cuba. She is 5’2”, and weighs 140lbs. Mercedes have no known allergies. Mercedes lives with her son and her family, because of her age within the hispanic culture, should not be addressed by her first name. Mercedes as presented to the clinic numerous occasions, always for the same reoccurring issue, hypertension and pain. Mercedes main complaint of generalized joint pain, patient refuses intervention, states, “she can handle the pain.” Her blood pressure is 136/92, remaining vital signs are unremarkable. Mercedes is ESL, English Second Language, and as difficulty issues conveying her needs. This places her at a significant disadvantage, in getting the care and understanding the care she needs or requires .Because family plays a vital role in the Garcia family, the plan of care will be provided respecting her wishes, being receptive to feedback and most of all culturally appropriate, including her family present. Hispanics perceive illness as a physical state of illness and their approach to health is usually holistic, in Mercedes circumstances, it is important to assess this more in-depth. Also some cause of illness in Hispanic culture, is categorized as “hot and cold” illness. Hot and cold illness from the Hispanic cultures can be defined an imbalance between the natural and the supernatural. Hypertension is believed to be a hot illness/disease in the Hispanic culture. A Spanish speaking interpreter is another must have it enables all present to receives the necessary information without impedance. Studies have shown that the lack of a medically trained interpreter or healthcare providers sometimes leads to family members or friends being used in this role and can lead to personal biases if not worst. Providing a comprehensive holistic and culturally appropriate care is vital, especially with language limitations. Teaching Mercedes how to take better care of herself, not only applies to the present, but also for the future. Incorporating comprehensive complementary alternative medicine modalities can be integrated in her care. In treating the Mercedes we not only treat her as the patient, her family and also the community they serve. Utilizing evidence based practices such looking at dietary modification to better maintain and manage Mercedes weight, stress and hypertension. The DASH diet can be useful because of it employs reduction of the amount of sweets,fats,red meats and sugared bevererages, and emphases nuts fish, poultry and whole grain. When talking to Mercedes always maintain cultural competency by facing her, be warm, friendly, and lean forward when actively listening or speaking. Dietary modifications may includes a reliance on beans, rice, and tortilla and a change in others—such as reduced consumption of high-fat dairy products, sodium and less use of fat in cooking.

Geraldo is the son of Mercedes, his wife is...

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