Holistic Marketing Framework

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The holistic marketing framework
Saudia S Alam follows holistic marketing framework, which provide them the insight into the process of capturing costumer value. It is viewed as integrating the value exploration, value creation, and value delivery activities with the purpose of building long-term, mutually satisfying relationships and co-prosperity among key stakeholders. By pursuing the holistic framework Sudia S Alam succeed by managing a superior value chain that delivers a high level of product quality, service, and speed.

Because markets are dynamic and competitive, management needs a well-defined strategy for value exploration. Developing such a strategy requires understanding the connections and interactions among three spaces: the customer's cognitive space, the company's competency space, and the collaborator's resource spaces. To exploit a value opportunity, the company needs value creation skills. Marketers need to identify new customer benefits from the customer's cognitive space, utilize core competencies from its business domain, and select and manage business partners from its collaborative network. Value exploration- Saudia S alam identifies the new value opportunities to serve the market. * The customer’s cognitive space- there are many customers found who are not satisfied with the service offered by the transportation company. They have many unmet demand that Transportation Company is unable to satisfy for example varieties song and radio listening options, good stereo headphone, extra wide and comfortable coach with body message option available. Other transportation have this kind of service but it does not meet the customers expectation as there is always fault found by the consumer, such as the many consumer found that the coach is not much comfortable and there is no option of listening songs either television to watch movie. However, Saudia S Alam is providing all kinds of facilities the consumers are opt to pay for. They can...
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