Holidays to Me

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To Me

To me holidays are more then just presents and food. They are truly family days. All the holidays are spent with the family. They not only call Thanksgiving just because the turkey but they call it because people give and take. That’s what they day is based on. Not to be selfish, that is how we celebrate the holidays.

In many ways, a lot of thing in life are taken for granted. When you’re a young kid, it is all about the presents, but as you grow older you mature and come to the realization that it was never the presents that made the day but only the presence of your family, but the presents and food do add to the good time too. You come to see that family is one of the best things you can ask for. Without my family I do not think I would be this funny or happy. I love to be around my family because we talk, laugh, cry together and reminisce when I was younger and talk about the presents. The memories we share is more meaningful to me then what a gift certificate can ever mean.

Thanksgiving has always been the outer rim of the day for us, but again were a huge family so we love to spend time together. We bless the food before we eat and are just thankful for having this day to come together because without it, then we would probably not be together like we do. Everyone is busy, so it is a blessing that we can have that time off of work or school or anything that consumes our time so we can be together. I think if there were not holidays that actually took time out of people’s lives then not too many families would be close. Mine would probably be because of certain situations that my families were raised in, so they would want nothing more then just to be around people that care for us.

I couldn’t ask for anymore then just spending time with the family and even when I move out and off to college, I will come back every holiday because those are my days along with my families. I can not take any of the time for granted because I never know what...
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