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Holidays: Family and Thanksgiving

By wgomez93 Mar 22, 2011 902 Words
#6 Holiday Cheer…
In a year, there are a lot of holidays that are celebrated around the world. These holidays include; Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. People worldwide celebrate some of these holidays in their own way, and always have a good time too. I like to spend a majority of the holidays throughout the year with my family or friends, because it tends to be more fun if you spend it with family or friends.

My favorite holiday out of all of the holidays in a year is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day where everyone across the United States gives thanks to what they are grateful for most in their lives. It is also a day where you get to enjoy a lot of delicious food, and for others a day to enjoy an awesome football game. For me, Thanksgiving, or Turkey day as I call it, is a day where I like to tell my family how grateful I am for everything they have done for me and others. Thanksgiving from last year was probably one of the best I have ever had. It included a lot of happiness, laughter, family, and of course food.

It all started on the day before Thanksgiving, my family from around Virginia were coming to my house to spend the holiday with my family. I must have opened the door a million times, because each time I closed it I would have to open it a few seconds later. However, each time I opened the door, it would be a new face every time. I saw uncles and aunts I haven’t seen in a very long time. I also saw my cousins and my grandparents. I thought that we wouldn’t have enough room for everyone but luckily we actually did. During the day, my uncles, cousins, brothers, dad, and I all went to the park to have a huge game of football, old guys versus the young kids. It was actually a pretty fun game, except for the fact that my team lost because we let one final play from the old guys to get through. But no one cared because we all had an awesome time tackling and laughing throughout the game. During the night, my cousins and I spent it by playing Call of Duty together. It was pretty awesome gaming with all of them because we all had the same skill level, and our team did fantastic playing against other players online.

The next day was Thanksgiving, and my mom and I were probably the first ones awake. We made a big breakfast buffet for the rest of my family, which pretty much emptied out our fridge. When the family all woke up, they were amazed at how much food there was, but they all just grabbed food, and sat down to eat a delicious breakfast. The only downfall of this big breakfast was that I was stuck to wash all of the dishes, but I didn’t mind I like doing the dishes. When I got done with the dishes, my mom and dad were already preparing the turkey and other foods for the big dinner later on. I helped season everything and even made my own secret mashed potatoes with my personal secret gravy, which came out tasting good like always. It was probably noon when my parent’s put the turkey in the oven. My cousins and I went out to the park to play some basketball. We played with against my girl cousins, and purposely gave them some shots. It was a fun game because we all goofed around and just got to talk about random things. We spent a majority of the day at the park just playing and relaxing. When it was time for the football game, everyone was all excited, because they were all Dallas Cowboys fans while I was the only one who disliked the Cowboys. My older brother, Walter was so angry at all the bad plays the Cowboys were making throughout the game. I was glad that the Cowboys did terrible, though the rest of my cousins were mad.

It was finally time for the great feast my mom and dad have prepared for the whole family. My family all sat at our long table, and I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough seats for everyone, but in fact there were left over seats. My parents had all the food on the table, and while my dad carved the turkey, we all went around the table saying what we were most thankful for. When my turn came around I said that I was thankful for having everyone in that room in my life and that they all make me happy being together. After going around the table, we finally got to eat what I believe was one of the best Thanksgiving meals I have ever eaten. Everything turned out delicious and I loved my mom’s apple and pumpkin pies. By the end of the meal everyone was stuffed and had no room for seconds. I was glad that this Thanksgiving was full of family time and that we all had a fantastic meal. The only thing to finish the night was for me to do one of the most important jobs, and that was to wash all the dishes.

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