Holiday Trip

Topics: Grand Canyon, Nevada, Los Angeles Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: February 11, 2012
Travelling has always been my hobby. I used to travel to many places back in Malaysia. To me, travelling is the best way to understand human nature besides to discover many things that I am not exposed to before. In fact, seeing new places, new landscapes, meeting new people, and learning about different culture are all the great benefits that I get from travelling. For my first winter break in the US, the first place I went to is the famous city of Las Vegas. It is a great place for people who are fond of a city life. I did not go there for gambling. Instead, I went there to attend the annual gathering for Malaysian and Indonesian (MUKTAMAR) which is an Islamic event held to get to know new people as well as to listen to some knowledge talks. During this event, I get to meet my Malaysian friends who are studying at different universities all over the US. It is really exciting to see their happy faces after a long time that it feels as if we were in Malaysia! Having went to the excellent places in Las Vegas, my friends from Stevens and I went for a road trip around California and Nevada. The first place we visited was the great architectural marvel, Hoover Dam, which is located on the border between the US states of Arizona and Nevada. It is amazing that as we pass through the bridge, there will be two different time zones-Pacific, which is the time zone in Nevada and Mountain which is the time zone for Arizona. We manage to take many beautiful pictures there before continuing our journey to the great Grand Canyon. It was a long and tiring journey from Las Vegas which took us almost eleven hours to reach our hotel at Grand Canyon. On the next day, despite the cold atmosphere, we went out early to witness the beauty of sunrise in the early morning. We managed to reach the Grand Canyon National Park exactly before sunrise. The view is breathtaking and stunning. We walk around and took more pictures for about an hour before we went for hiking along South Kaibab...
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