Holiday Homework

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1. Write a school magazine report on the recently held ‘Sports Day’ in your school with pictures (in 100 words) 2. Write a book review of the novel “Three men in a boat”.[Part-I] *Both to be done in the scrapbook


Solve the puzzle given below and paste it in your FA file


Solve 20 sums from the prescribed ref book chapter – Motion in your class work note book. *Record the Experiments – a) To find the density of a bob, b) Verify Archimedes principle in your practical file


Make a working model of any of the life processes. (Like heart, lungs, etc.)


1) Make a ppt on the topic – Application of Pressure in daily life. (with reference to the topic Effect of Pressure on Matter chapter – 1). 2) Learn and list out the elements up to the atomic number 30, their symbols, and valencies. 3) Complete the given experiments in the chemistry practical file.

4) You have gone to a chemist shop to get medicines. A person is pleading with the shopkeeper to get sleeping pills without doctor’s prescription. The chemist is reluctant to give him sleeping pills without doctor’s prescription stating that the pills can be misused and have adverse ill effects. Answer the following questions based on the above information: i) Should the shopkeeper give sleeping pills to the customer even when he does not having doctor’s prescription? Justify your answer. ii) Is there any alternative approach / action the shopkeeper can take to help the customer without giving him the pills ? Which values are reflected in this alternative approach?


Read ‘Diary of Anne frank’ and write a summary of the same. Watch at least two movies on world war II to understand the nazi policy towards the jews....
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