Holiday Camping on Pulau Miriad

Topics: Camping, Campsite, Pitcher plant Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: August 26, 2011
The stressful final examination was over. All of us were head over heels and jumping up and down to show our happiness and freedom from the boredom of books and examinations. Among us, Mark was really on top of the world and came up with a brilliant idea. “Why don’t we go to Pulau Miriad for a holiday?” he suggested. Just then, some of us looked at each other and agreed in unison.

As Mark, Edison, Patrick, Frankie and I decided upon for the camping trip, we had a discussion in groups on the preparation. Mark, as the leader of our groups, showed his responsibility on various issues pertaining to the camp. After one-hour discussion, we draw to a conclusion that we would meet each other at Jetty Sayong the following week at 6 o’clock sharp.

It was a sunny, fascinating and wonderful Saturday morning. Five of us arrived at Jetty Sayong on time. Four of us praised Mark for being chosen the right day as the weather that day was as hot as fire. We were all fully prepared with food, beverages, compass, tents and other camping equipment. Enthusiasm, joy and excitement could be seen in our faces as we lined up on the jetty carrying a knap sack each on our back.

We landed on the island an hour after. As soon as we arrived on the island, Frankie quickly took out the compass. Then, he took the lead and we explored the island together. We went hanging on the island enjoyed the beauty of nature. It really gave us spectacular experiences as we could see pitcher plants and conifers. Besides that, we were also lucky to see the biggest flower in Malaysia, Rafflesia. After the exploration, we distributed our jobs. Mark, who is an expert in pitching up the tents, was helped by Edison. At the same time, Patrick and I went to collect some firewood for cooking the wonderful lunch. Frankie cleaned our clothes and dried them up under the hot sun. As we were as hungry as wolves, we ate the delicious food in no time.

In the evening, we went to Lalang Village. It was such a...
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