Holding the Door Open for people Sociology Report

Topics: Female, Male, Gender Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: January 15, 2014
Opening Doors Sociology Report

A. Identify Problem
We chose to do our research on the reaction people would give to us us holding a door open for them when they were not that close. This experiment was chosen because we thought that people might feel pressured to get to the door. For what we did to test this was to go into public places,and do it ourselves. We went to the Mall and held the door open for people when they were not very close, and recorded their reaction. B. Review the Literature

Article 1: On Chivalry, Opening Doors, and Basic Humanity by Libby Anne

C. Formulate a Hypothesis
I think that more women will hurry to get to the door, and men will take more time, and not hurry at all.I also think that more men will open the door for women then women for men D. Develop a Research Design

Tanner and I will perform and observe the acts listed in the problem, and random shoppers will be involved We will record the stats and outcomes of our findings
The data will be collected at the mall
We will try to collect the data whenever we have time
We will collect as much data as we see fit
E. Collect the Data
On Saturday the 28, Tanner and I went to the mall to do our project. We went to the mall from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m, this day the weather was at 16 degrees Fahrenheit. First we observed outside of Gordmans to see who opened more doors for each other. The possible outcomes for what this part is male opening door for male, male for female, female for female, and female for male.We observed 39 people that had a chance to hold the door open for someone, 28 did. We saw 5 males open the door for 5 other males. When they opened the door they just seemed to hold it open behind them and let the other person pass. When we saw the males open the doors for females they would step off to the side of the door and let the women pass. We saw 9 men do this. The next one was woman that would open doors for other women. The women would just open the door...
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