holding the child/ spanking

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Holding the child

When babies cry we normally want to pick them up in hopes that the crying stops. So what happens when we are told not to? As a child care provider we fill the need to make sure that all kids in our classrooms are being taken care of. If a mother of a six month old baby decides that she does not want to hold her child as often because she is trying to teach the child independence then we should inform her that we respect that but as a teacher we need to inform the mother that we will do our best not to hold the child but we cannot guarantee it.

One of the things that we can do if the child is crying is to try rocking the child in a swing, bouncer, or even a crib. Inform the mother that you will try other methods of calming the child down but if all else fails then you will pick the child up. You can always inform the mother that it is important for the child because at such a young age they are still creating certain attachments. Let them know the child may be feeling or can come to feel an insecure attachments. An insecure attachment is “shown by a child who either shows little preference for the mother over a stranger or is wary of strangers and upset at separation but is not reassured by the mothers return. (Boyd & Bee, 2012) Another reason as to why you would not want to neglect the child from being held is because not only are they forming a secure attachments but the child is also developing a sense of basic trust. Erickson believed that the mother or primary caregiver’s behavior played a big role in the child being successful. “children who reach the end of their first year with a firm sense of trust are those whose parents are loving and respond predictably and reliably to the child” (p. 234) it is important for the mom to know this because though she may feel that she is making the child more independent she may actually be developing mistrust.

Spanking scenario

Children do not always listen well with others but when it...
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