Hold Hairspray: Media Product Design

Topics: Beverly Hills, California, Woman, Girl Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Product Name
Hold Hairspray.
Product description
Hold is a quality hairspray available in four fruity scents – grape, strawberry, blueberry and apple. The delicious scents stay in hair for up to six hours. It comes in a 500 mL bottle for the affordable price of $7.99. Hold comes in an attractive, bright bottle that will stand out from the other dull bottles on the shelf. It promotes shiny and healthy hair through added conditioning agents. It is easy to brush out and will provide an all day flexible hold and shine. There are no products that can provide a better salon finish than hold. Slogan

For that extra hold you need.

Voiceover: Hold Hairspray – For that extra hold you need. Available in four fruity scents.

Target audience
My target audience is females because generally women use hairspray. The scents that hold comes in are scents that would appeal to females of any age, particularly teenagers to young adults. The bright bottle (corresponding to the scent) will stand out on the shelf and will appeal to women of all ages. Young girls will see the fun, bright, colourful bottle and beg their mothers to buy it without even knowing what the product actually does. And older women will try it for a change to the average hairspray.

Psychological Techniques
Beauty appeal- When viewers watch my ad, they will come to the opinion that one way to look beautiful is to buy Hold Hairspray. The girl that uses Hold Hairspray in the commercial is attractive and has beautiful hair throughout the ad. Glittering Generalization – it is near impossible to have a hairspray that will last through what it does in my advertisement. In my ad it makes out that my hairspray will hold the hair in place through anything but in reality it may not. This makes my product sound good and seem too good to be true. Escape – Women always worry about what their hair looks like. When they see my product they will assume that when they use Hold hairspray they wont...
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