Hodgkin S Lymphoma Informative Speech

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Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Informative Speech
Topic: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Organizational Pattern: Topical
Specific Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to inform the audience about the disease Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and allow them to be more aware about what exactly it is, what the common symptoms are, and how to treat the disease. Thesis Statement: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, although rare, can be fatal and it is important to be informed on the cause, symptoms, and treatments to further your awareness and provide a better understanding on the dynamics of this disease. Introduction

I think we can all say we have heard many variations of the saying “Life is too short.” This expression became a reality for my family in 2011 when we got the horrifying news that my uncle, at the young age of 28, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. After a hard struggle and months of fighting for his life, he unfortunately passed away in May of that year (Attention Getter). Leaving behind his loving wife and beautiful baby boy, our family now understood the harsh reality that life really is too short. With that being said, being informed and educated on diseases, such as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, can be the difference between life and death. After this tragedy, I was really compelled to research more about this disease and find out what exactly it was, what went wrong, why someone so young was affected. I began researching to an even deeper extent when I took Physiology and I learned so much about this disease that I would like to share and inform others on (Credibility). During this presentation I will discuss what causes Lymphoma on a cellular level, what common symptoms of the disease are, and how it is treated (Preview of Main Points). I. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is cancer of the lymphatic system (MayoClinic.org). A. This disease compromises your body’s ability to fight infection. 1. Cells in the lymphatic system grow abnormally and can spread beyond the lymphatic system. a. Cells are the basic building blocks of any living organism; they provide structure, take in nutrients from food, and convert those nutrients into energy for the body (Genetic Home Reference). b. This helps the body carry out specialized functions, such as, protein synthesis, cellular metabolism, and protection against foreign pathogens. 2. Lymph nodes are composed of many cells known as lymphocytes. a. Lymphocytes, just like other cells, have specific duties to perform inside the body. b. Normal functions of the lymphocyte are to protect the body against pathogens and infected cells (Lymphomation.org). B. With so many cells that make up our body, it is not uncommon that one or two could be abnormal, or mutated. 1. In most cases this wouldn’t be an issue because our lymphocytes normally would get rid of these unwanted mutants. a. Issues arise when mutated cells start producing faster than the healthy cells can eliminate them. b. Build up of these abnormal cells can lead to tumors and can ultimately turn into cancer (Patient.co.uk). 2. In Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the cells that are mutated are called B-cell lymphocytes. a. After mutation, the infected B-lymphocytes are known as Reed Sternburg Cells. b. These cells are specific to the lymphatic system.

C. Typically, lymphoma cells form tumors in the lymphatic system, bone marrow, spleen, and blood. 1. If the disease has spread too much, the infected cells can travel and other organs of different body systems can be affected as well. a. The infected cells can travel to other organs through blood. b. Blood travels all throughout the body, therefore it is an easy transport mechanism for these mutated cells. 2. B-Cells originate from stem cells in the bone marrow; after they mature they migrate to different parts of the body to perform specific functions. a. During developmental stages is when the B-cell can become malignant. b. The exact reason why is becomes malignant is unclear; it is thought that it could be due to damages of certain...

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