Hobbyist: Short Story and Druggist

Topics: Short story, Poison, Human Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: May 30, 2014
The short story, “The Hobbyist written by Frederic Brown is about a man named Sangstrom. Sangstrom was at a prescription pharmacy secretly talking to the Druggist about buying an undetectable poison to kill his wife. The Druggist asks to follow him into the back room and puts some coffee into the boiler. The Druggist informs Sangstrom that he feels that he deserves the poison for free but must pay for the antidote. This is when Sangstrom realizes that the Druggist had poisoned his coffee. Sangstrom panics and pulls out his gun and points it at the Druggist. The Druggist continues to explain that if Sangstrom hands over $1000 and writes a confession of the murder of his wife and the Druggist in case he did kill either one of them,, the man would get an antidote. Sangstrom gave the money and wrote the confession which the Druggist mailed. The story ends with the Druggist being sure that Sangstrom would not be committing any murder any time soon. It was basically a plan carried out to blackmail Sangstrom.Character The Druggist is the protagonist in the short story, “Hobbyist”, written by Frederic Brown. He is central to the story with all the major events having some importance to him. The Druggist is a mixture of both rounded and dynamic characters since he has many sided and complex personalities that you would expect of actual human beings but also has a personality that changes for the better and worse by the end of the story. For example, at the beginning the Druggist is reflected as a greedy person who agrees to sell poison for the money he will receive despite of the fact that what he is doing is wrong. But by the end of the story, the Druggist turns out to be a harmless and kind person who blackmails Sangstrom in giving the money without giving the poison and still prevents Sangstrom from murdering his wife. The physical characteristics of the Druggist are old, around 60 years of age, hunchbacked, with a long white beard, since in the text he is...
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