Hobbit Essay

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The Hobbit 5 paragraph essay
“Soon the goblins had a ring of smoke and flame all round the dwarves, a ring which they kept from spreading outwards; but it closed slowly until the running fire was licking the fuel piled under the trees. Smoke was in Bilbo’s eyes, he could feel the heat of the flames( even though he was so high up in the trees); and through the reek he could see the goblins dancing round and round in a circle like people round a midsummer bonfire. Outside the ring of dancing warriors stood the wolves at a respectful distance watching and waiting to devour the first person that dropped dead out of the treetops. Bilbo could hear the goblins beginning a horrible song, and with that the flames were under Gandalf the wizards tree. In a moment it caught the others and went up like a rocket, when it was just beneath Bilbo’s, he closed his eyes, ready to die when...” As it can be seen Biblo and company were in many tight spots throughout this adventure, and he could not have done it all on his own. That is where Bilbo had to use the three themes of luck, courage and good sense to overcome evil and stay alive. The first way Bilbo overcomes evil is by luck. For example, when Bilbo is caught by the goblins and he awakens from his fall he finds a ring. Now this ring was no ordinary ring for it was a magical one that could turn a person invisible and without it the story might have been very different. This is because if Bilbo did not have it, then he would never have been able to escape from the evil creature Gollum and inturn escape from the hell which was the home of the evil and nasty goblins. Another time luck saved Bilbo and his friends, was when Bilbo and company were on the mountain and were looking for the hidden door that would lead them right to Smaug and the treasure. Here luck played a big part because if Bilbo had never happened to find the door then all the trouble that Bilbo and his friends had already gone through would have been for...
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