Ho Chi Minh

Topics: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Vietnam War Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Through the many years of Ho Chi Minh’s leadership, Vietnam had been led into independence and unity. From an early age, he had fought long and hard to gain the independent status of Vietnam. He believed in what Vietnam deserved to have. There were many hurdles during his leadership, but he did not let any of them get in his way. Would Vietnam be the Vietnam they are today without Ho Chi Minh? This idealistic and motivated leader founded the Vietnamese Communist Party, and was also the President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam from 1945 until his death. Within his years of living, he had shaped and changed Vietnam to the country he dreamed it to be by truly being a great leader of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh had been interested in Vietnam’s wellbeing from a young age. He did not jump straight into action and instead stood back and examined the necessities of gaining such rights, waiting for the moment to stand up for his country. His father believed that French education was only the best. Therefore in 1907, Ho passed an exam to enter the National Academy of Hue. He was made fun of because he came from a poor background, and the only reason why he was at the academy was because he had received a scholarship. His motivation was not wavered. In 1908, protests were held by farmers from nearby villages. They protested about the excessive taxation that the French were asking for, and Ho translated the Vietnamese language for the French. This was his first colonial encounter. The next day he was expelled for aiding the Vietnamese. As time went on he understood the concept of Marxism and strongly believed in it. In 1911, Ho boarded a ship set for France and took small jobs, all the while trying to gain knowledge about the world. His ideas for Vietnam’s independence and what it could someday be developed during his trips. In 1914, Ho Chi Minh began to build networks in the outside world and talked to his fellow Vietnamese about the French colonial rule. And in 1918,...
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