Hnc Health Care Reflective Account

Topics: Personal protective equipment, Protection, Occupational safety and health Pages: 3 (1125 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Reflective account 6
Throughout this reflective account i will refer to the individual I was working with as Gloria. I have not used her real name throughout this piece to protect her identity and to ensure that I am maintaining confidentiality. “You must respect people’s rights to confidentiality” (NMC 2013) Gloria is a 74 year old lady who lives at the residential care home at which I am currently on placement Gloria is under the Adults with Incapacity Scotland Act 2000 due to a diagnosis of Dementia. She is mobile with the aid of a Zimmer frame and is still as independent as her health allows. She requires the assistance of 1 carer for most activities of daily living. After breakfast I offered to take Gloria to the toilet as she had requested to go to the bathroom during her meal but was told by a care assistant that she would have to wait until after her meal. The carer told me the care home operated “protected meals times” and this was the reason that Gloria could not go to the toilet during her meal. I felt competent under supervision to assist Gloria with using the toilet. One should never accept a task delegated to them unless they feel competent and confident in carrying out the task that has been asked of them. The NMC Code of Conduct states that “You must recognise and work within the limits of your competence” and “You must take part in appropriate learning and practice activities that maintain and develop your competence and performance.” (NMC 2013)


Gloria requires gentle assistance to help her hold on to her Zimmer and lift herself from the chair and this was provided by me. I walked beside Gloria moving at her pace towards her bedroom reminding her that we were going to her room to use the bathroom. Once inside the bedroom i switched on the bathroom light and opened the door as wide as it would go to allow full access through the doorway as I knew that she would be taking her walking frame in with her and aimed to...
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