Hmt 310 Week 6 Case Study

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Week 6 Assignment
HMT 310
Case Study #2
During the past few years, the tourism industry has faced a number of unprecedented challenges, which have entailed important changes in travel and tourism demand. With business plans becoming increasingly short term, governments start to realize that they can't leave growth of the travel and tourism industry to chance. This global consciousness has resulted in the establishment of the World Travel and Tourism Council or WTTC to create a new vision for travel and tourism. (The Blueprint for New Tourism 2006)

Formed in May 1990 at the third Global Travel and Tourism Summit by more than 500 of the most influential political and business groups in the world, the World Travel and Tourism Council is the forum for global business leaders, composed of the Presidents and Chief Executive Officers of over 100 world's leading companies. It was created with the vision that would encourage a partnership between private and public stakeholders to strengthen industry efforts and turn challenges into new opportunities. Currently WTTC is the only body that represents private sector in all parts of the travel and tourism industry worldwide. (The Blueprint for New Tourism 2006) Since its launching, the World Travel and Tourism Council has expressed its commitment to realizing the potential of travel and tourism industry for development and growth, as well as ensuring sustainable benefits for all parts involved. The mission of WTTC can be defined in the light of interaction between the economic situation and travel and tourism industry: to raise awareness of economic impact of the largest generator of jobs in the world - travel and tourism. More and more governments are now adopting Blueprint for New Tourism, the policy framework of the WTTC for sustainable tourism development, aimed at unlocking the industry's potential. (The Blueprint for New Tourism 2006) The WTTC Blueprint for New Tourism was designed to promote travel and tourism as a partnership by achieving results that meet the needs and requirements of national economies, regional and local authorities, as well as local communities based on business balancing economies with environment, culture and people; governments' recognition of travel and tourism as top priority; and a constant pursuit of long-term prosperity and growth. The World Travel Council invites stakeholders to join the Blueprint's call of action and to pursue the joint task of building the New Tourism, one of the largest industries worldwide, responsible for more than 10% of global GDP. (The Blueprint for New Tourism 2006) New Tourism depends on governments recognizing Travel & Tourism's valuable flow through effects for all sectors of the economy and population – and having the sense of leadership to act on that recognition. Leadership should factor Travel & Tourism into all policies and decision-making; leadership at the highest levels of government should coordinate strategy impacting on Travel & Tourism, and should reorganize structures and funding so as to ensure effective planning and management. Sudden shocks to Travel & Tourism have sharply awakened government leaders around the world to its value to their economies. Coherent strategies can mitigate the negative impacts on the industry and national economies, minimize the risks of further disruption, and ensure long-term sustainable benefits. Each government can make the choice to encourage investment, facilitate innovation and job opportunities, and guarantee respect for local environments, cultures and social well-being. This approach to Travel & Tourism will deliver its benefits consistently across the country and throughout the year. A top-level perspective of the current scale and future potential of New Tourism can direct policy responses that support Travel & Tourism's contribution to the economy and promote its planned growth. The public sector has a special responsibility to...

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