Hms Challenger Journal

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HMS Challenger Journal
Day 1 – December 22nd 1872
The ship set sail from Portsmouth, England early yesterday morning and we have been sailing for almost a whole 24 hours; I’m assuming we’re about 40 degrees north of the equator. It’s a perfect day out for sailing, the water is crystal blue, my hair is softly blowing though the wind, and there’s not a cloud in sight. Today my job was to use a dredge. A dredge takes samples along the surface of the seafloor while being dragged across the bottom. I didn’t have much luck today finding large organisms other than a few normal fish, but we did bring up some mud with insects living in it. The insects were tiny seemed to have been feeding on the mud. They looked to be worms with legs. Only much slimmer than worms

Day 2- January 10th 1873
It’s my day off; we’ve landed at the island of Tristan D’Acunha. It’s a beautiful island with perfect weather conditions. It felt good to finally be back on dry land. Our ship has run out of food so I volunteered to go look for food. We had men fishing, men hunting, and men looking for food that’s been growing. I was searching for grown food when I came across a spring of fresh water. I knew we were running low on fresh water so I ran back to the ship, brought some help and hauled tons of drinking water to the ship. When we got back the captain had our meal ready, it wasn’t much but at least it was something. All we had was fish to eat but there was plenty enough there to feed the crew. The fish was gray in color with a bunch of black dots on the upper half of the body. Coming down the side of the fish looked to be a reddish almost pink stripe.

Day 3- January 11th 1873
While I was prepping the ship to set sail again before the rain comes, something strange happened. Out of nowhere I was stung by a jelly fish on my foot. I thought nothing of it; I just figured it was just a sting. I finished the last minute preparations and hobbled my way back to the ship to tell the captain. He...
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