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Topics: Manufacturing, Target market, Thread seal tape Pages: 7 (2284 words) Published: January 14, 2008
1. Introduction:

HMBR is one of the famous names in the business world. It has achieved its fame for its classic quality and for the maintenance of individuality in the trading and manufacturing world of Bangladesh since its arrival in 1984. It has imported and manufactured necessary hand tools, chemicals and household products for satisfying need. HMBR has introduced advanced technology from Japan, Korea and China, and thus have adopted the best production base for their chemical products. They intend to place high emphasis on product quality; as such they regard their reputation as the most important asset when selling in the market. Their mission statement is "persistence, dedication and quality". They are capable of offering everyday low prices and superior value to the customers and is capable of operating at simultaneous high levels of productivity and investment in people, customer service and community at large. One of HMBR's important sister concerns, Gulshan Hardware is responsible for the distribution of hand tools, painting tools, furniture fittings, locks, garden tools, etc. Manufactured Products:

HMBR Teflon has initiated the production of P.T.F.E thread seal tapes which are helpful for sealing pipes. This tape is an ideal seal material which has obtained the USA UI Certificate and it's widely applied in industrial and civil construction, machinery, chemical projects, plumbing systems and the like. •Threat seal tape 10 mm 0.075 mm 10 mm (Pedrolla, HMBR brand) •Seals fix builds

Non-setting putty for sanitary joints also bandings of sink and pipelines plumbers mate is a water proof non setting putty ideal for sealing spigots and rapiers and seals overhead/flash tanks, washes basin and closes holes in thin sheds, sockets, and joints in sanitary fittings. Target Group:

The company's products are totally household related. For the sake of selling goods they divide the target group as retailer and whole seller. Demand forecasting:
Companies vital information come from the sales representative. Around 25 sales representatives are working currently in the company. These sale representatives brings orders from different district of the country and at the same time brings vital information that are essential for forecasting. They also use some forecasting such as trend-adjusted exponential smoothing and for some products they use seasonality technique. Export and import:

HMBR currently is only in the import business. They could have exported their goods but because of certain barriers they are not being able to export. They import both raw material for production and finished goods for the local market. Some of their imported products are listed above. They import most of their tools from China, Thailand, and Taiwan. Quality policy:

HMBR has emphasized more in quality production. According to them their first concern is to ensure good quality. They also have a quality management team who are responsible for the quality of the goods. The benefits of having this kind of quality management team who rechecks quality of the goods before packaging and shipping them is that they have very few complaints and many satisfied customers. Production departments:

•Machine Details:
The manufacturing side of the company has many types of machine which works for different purpose. In thread seal tape or Teflon tape manufacturing plant they have the following machine. Injection molding machine (three)

Multi molding machine (three)
Sliding machine. (two)
Tape Re-rolling machine. (four)
Screen print machine (two)
Shrine machine (One)
Strapping machine.

In putty manufacturing plant they have the following machines. Broiler.
Primary mixture machine.
Mashing machine.
Divider machine. (Div. into 100 gm)
Belt machine.
Pouching machine.
Strapping machine.

Blister packing machinery:...
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