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Test 3: Monday following reading week
Read Part 1 and 2, 10 and 11.
Outline – God
Religious Language: seeking meaningfulness (Existence of God is discussed later) Three Possible Ways for Speaking About God
1. Anthropomorphism (in the form of a person)  mental (Is God anything like us, has a mind?)  intelligence/moral qualities  Anthropomorphic/Anthropomorphite “God is intelligent”  understood literally, univocally (it has the same meaning whether applied to us or God)

2. Mysticism – concern with religious language

Extreme Mysticism: there is no language that can accurately capture God’s presence. Thus, they follow the position of silence (don’t tell us about God because it won’t be accurate). However, you can adore, believe, and pray to God. Silence has its own problems (pg. 122)  Demea (extreme mystic) & Cleanthes (anthropomorphite)  Atheists and skeptics are non-believers whereas Mystics are believers.

Moderate Mysticism: Rejects the extreme position and anthropomorphism. Therefore, they need to reintroduce language into the discussion of God. Language about God is symbolic or figurative, and not literal.

3. Anthropomorphism is unacceptable. Mysticism (extreme [silence] or moderate [symbolic/figurative]) is equally unacceptable. Anthropomorphism problem: God has a great resemblance of us. Mysticism: there is no resemblance of God in us. Analogy (analogical, analyst)  there must already be a language which can capture similarity and difference. Thus, we can tell the similarities and differences of God in us. Antony F – critique of religious language (why it fails when we try to defend it) Truth/falsity (never think about the criteria for the statement to be either true or false) Challenge verification

Natural Religion
Cleanthes: it should be possible to take a scientific approach to God. ╙> World (design of) resembles a machine.
If you think about a machine’s existence, it is originated through...
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