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Background to Hong Kong Auxiliary Police
The Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force (HKAPF) currently has 4,500 auxiliary police officers and known as the best in Asia. It comprises volunteers from all walks of life and has a proud history dating back to its establishment in 1914.

The original role of the HKAPF as a trained manpower reserve to support the regular force during times of emergencies has been maintained. The HKAPF continues to render the form and amount of support as determined by the Commissioner of Police in accordance with prevailing operational priorities. Its organization and command have been integrated with the regular force. The HKAPF is established under Section 3 of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force Ordinance, Chapter 233 of the Laws of Hong Kong. The establishment is distributed to five land Police Regions in numbers proportional to the uniform branch establishment of each Region.

The roles of the HKAPF are as:
(a) An internal security trained reserve with the following specific duties: the protection of Key Points;
providing staff for Command and Control Centres;
providing staff for Station Defence; and
the protection of Consular Premises.
(b)A reserve to assist at times of natural disaster or civil emergencies; and (c) A support to the regular Force in the performance of crowd management duties during major public events and in other pre-planned operations as well as in its daily performance of beat patrol duties.

Over the recent past, HKAPF has backed up the regular police force in maintaining law and order while major international events were held in Hong Kong. The regular police force is under very heavy pressures whenever major public events are held here, such as the handover and reunification anniversaries. HKAPF serve as back-up to the regular force.

Every Auxiliary police officer must fulfill a minimum of 208 working hours per year. The range of hourly rate of HKAPF is HK$77.5 - HK$242.5 depending on the level.

3.Features of Hong Kong Auxiliary Police
HKAPF applicants need to go through a series of stringent selection process and comply with intensive training requirements.

Applicants are required to meet the minimum entry qualifications and attend a Selection Test which is comprised of:

(1) Pre-screening;
(2) Physical Fitness Test;
(3) Selection Interview;
(4) Integrity Checks and Medical Examination.

The purpose of pre-screening is a basic check to ensure the applicants meet the minimum height, weight and eyesight requirements.

The purpose of Physical Fitness Test is to test an applicant's physical flexibility, strength and endurance to see if he/she meets the standard required of an auxiliary member. It consists of three exercises and the expected standards are:

Expected Standards
Vertical Jump
53.3 cm38.1 cm
Shuttle Run (10M x 10)
24.8 sec28.1 sec
Pull Up
7 times9 times (modified)

After passing the pre-screening and physical fitness test, they will go through a formal selection interview with two regular police officers of Senior/Chief Inspector to assess an their overall competence in the execution of various duties of an auxiliary member and ensure an appreciation of the high premium that the Auxiliary Police Force places on integrity, ethical behavior and resilience against corruption.

The following attributes are key considerations in the Selection Interview: •Bearing;
•Power and Manner of Speech;
•Common Sense;
•General Police Knowledge;
•Analytical Power;
•Knowledge of Auxiliary Police Basic Training; and
•Knowledge of Duty Commitments of Auxiliary Members

They need to argue convincingly why they want to be an Auxiliary member and be familiar with the general knowledge of Police work, keep abreast of current affairs, and be able to think critically and have an opinion expressed in a balanced and reasonable way....
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